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Postpartum resources

We’re here to support you during your postpartum experience. Our nursing staff is knowledgeable in providing you and your newborn care.

Pain and self-care after delivery

After you deliver your baby, we’ll do our best to keep you comfortable so you can enjoy your new little one while you recover. You can expect your stay to be about two days, a little longer if you have had a cesarean section. We’ll check on you frequently after your delivery.

Regardless of your delivery, it’s not uncommon to feel pain after your baby arrives. It takes time to heal. Our nursing staff is here to help guide you in what may be the best options to keep you comfortable.

Postpartum depression

It’s common for women to experience sadness or anxiety right after giving birth, but those feelings usually subside quickly. If they linger, you may be experiencing postpartum depression. Learn more from this article.

Breastfeeding support

We are passionate about breastfeeding. To support mothers in providing the best nutrition for their newborns, Salem Health offers a variety of breastfeeding lactation services to both new mothers during their stay and in the community. 

Milk donation

Are you a breastfeeding mom with a healthy baby? You can help save other babies by becoming a milk donor. Salem Health Family Birth Center is an official drop-off site for breast milk donations to the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank (NWMMB).

Support groups

Salem Health Community Health Education Center offers several classes and support groups for new families. Explore what classes we offer and register or call 503-814-2432 (CHEC). 

Books and DVDs

Salem Health CHEC operates a free lending library of books and DVDs. Topics include pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.

Web resources

Learn more about life with baby with online resources.

Pediatric patients

​Information for parents of kids who are hospitalized.

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