Healing Garden WVH

Help support our Healing Garden

Your donations have helped create a restful oasis on West Valley Hospital's grounds. 

The Healing Garden is an important part of fulfilling West Valley Hospital’s mission to improve the community’s well-being. Research shows people who interact with nature display positive physical changes — decreased heart rate, lower blood pressure and improved mood — within minutes of stepping outside. The garden includes flower beds, shade trees, seating areas, a trellis and a small covered area.

Underwriting opportunities:

paver illustration
1. Garden name entrance — Sponsored by Meduri Farms — Thank you!
2. Pergola — $7,500
3. Picnic table — $3,500
4. Planting area — $2,500
4. Planting area — Sponsored by Grand Ronde — Thank you!
5. Planting area — $2,000
5. Planting area — $2,000
6. Wood accent panel — $1,500
6. Wood accent panel — $1,500
6. Wood accent panel — Sponsored by Tony and Jennifer Broadus — Thank you!
7. Bistro table and chairs — $1,000
8. Accent pavers (100 personalized pavers available) — $250  
8. Accent pavers (100 personalized pavers available) — $150  

For more information, or to contribute to this project by making a donation or sponsoring a specific area, please contact West Valley Foundation staff:

Lisa Dungan Roth

Darrel White

Contact the Foundation

For more information, call West Valley Foundation Director Lisa Dungan Roth at 503-814-1992 or click below to email.